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Fun Bags to knit, crochet and sew
KEYS:  (K) = Knit;  (C) = Crochet;   (S) = sew;   LK = Loom knit;   (PC) = Plastic Canvas


PURSES and other bags

Baby Bag (S) archived

Beth's House Tote for little girls (K)

Bev's Beach Bag - (C) made from plastic grocery bags!

Bev's Loomed Purse (LK)

ClothesPin Bag (S)

Coats and Clarks Purse (C)  archived

Crocheted Beach bag  (C) archived - could be used as a back back if you make 2 straps

Deco Cell Phone Pouches (C)

Diamond Patterned Purse (K) - for more advanced knitters

Felt Sewing Book(kit)  (S)

Floral Granny Tote  (C) Archived

Foster Care bags (S) Archived

Granny Bag  (C)Archived

Greenmarket Lunch bag (C)

Hawaiian Women's Conference Bag

Ilene Shopping Bag (K) ravelry free download

Lion Brand Hobo Bag

Lion Brand Poncho and Granny bag

Market Shopping bag (C)

Needlebook Crazy Patch -practice those embroidery stitches  (S)

Needlebook Letter Case Tutorial (S) really cute way to hold your needles

Needlebook Case with Plastic Canvas cover (S and PC)

Purse Style Duffel Bag (S) Archived

Sew Tote (S)

Shoulder Pouch (archived pattern) (C)

Square Bottom Bag (C)

Transform a Teatowel clothespin bag (S)

Velvet Clutch purse (S)

Waffle Purse(C)

  & Laptop Covers

Lap Top Cover (C) from Coats and Clark

Lap Top Sleeve (C)

Lap top cover patterns, several (S and C) 

Lap Top Sleever Tutorial (K)

Lion Brand Garter St Backpack (K)

Lion Brand Backpack (C)

Mama Backpack (S)

Mini Rucksack (S)

Oxford Shirt Backpack (S)

Petite Pack (S)

PillowCase Backpack (S)

Woolworks Backpack 

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