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You use plastic grocery bags for this, so when they ask "Paper or Plastic" --you will know what to say!  You need LOTS!


SIZE "K" Hook
(If you crochet tightly you are going to want to use a larger hook like an N)
75-100 plastic bags, and 1 oz cotton yarn for the handles and side attaching.

BEACH or Craft Tote BAG - 16" across 13" tall
Ch 32 (this will be the top) -- Turn and single crochet in 2nd ch from the hook. 

Single crochet in each ch across.  Ch 2 and turn.
Single crochet in 2nd stitch and in each stitch across.  Ch 2 and turn.
Continute until bag is double the size you want (approx 70 rows or 26"). Fold bag in half.

Join bag sides together by holding together and single crocheting down each side (right side out) with
regular worsted weight yarn in a color of your choosing.  I used blue in the photo.


Once the bag is stitched together go to the top opening, and count in 6 stitches.  Sc into that stitch and sc across 4 more sts (5 total for bag handle).  Make handle as long as you want in dc, back and forth, chaining 2 at the end of each row before turning; (mine is 16") then join with a sc on same side of bag, opposite end, 11 sts from the end.  Sc in 4 more sts (5 total again) and cut yarn 4" long.  Tie a knot and weave yarn back and forth through sts of handle.
Make another handle in the same way on the other side of the bag.

The great thing about this bag is that you don't have to make it look perfect and it still turns out GREAT!  I get so many compliments on mine when I take it with me.  People love it and think it's so unique!


Straighten the plastic bag and lay it flat on the table or ironing board which is where I cut mine.  

Smooth to remove any trapped air.


Start by cutting off the bottom and handles/top of the grocery bag.  


Fold bag in half lengthwise and cut into strips about 1.5" - 2"" wide.  I can get 8 strips from our local grocery bags. The strips become loops after they are cut 


These are fastened together with a half hitch knot.  1) Lay out 2 loops, laying 1 loop on top of the other.  2) Pull  the top loop under and through the bottom loop.  3) This will form a half hitch.

  2) 3) 4)

4) Care must be taken to make the knots as flat as possible without stretching the plastic to breaking point.


After all loops are fastened together--roll into a ball.   This can be crocheted like 'yarn'.

This ball is your 'yarn'. from which bags, mats and etc can be crocheted.  NOTE: You cannot stretch the yarn tightly over your fingers as it will stretch the yarn and break it.

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