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bunniesLoomed Bunny Family


12 peg round (flower loom or mitten thumb) loom; or any small loom


size H (5 mm) crochet hook for ears
3 strands of worsted weight yarn help together or a #6 weight yarn

Scissors, black and pink puffy paint for face, yarn needle, small amount of fiberfil for stuffing and 12" (1/8") ribbon for 'neck'

How to make:
Start at the top of the bunny's head and e-wrap stitch 16 rounds using 3 strands of yarn held together.
End off using the gathering method (see below).

REMOVING ITEM FROM LOOM- Bev's Method 1 Makes a 'gathered top'

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3
1) When your bunny is long enough it is time to remove it from the loom.
2) Cut a yarn tail about 10" to 12" long.
3) Thread a yarn needle with the yarn tail.
4) Insert needle into the wrap stitch left on each peg.   (figure 1)
5) Pull needle and yarn all the way through the stitch on peg.
6) Lift stitch off peg.
7) Keep removing each stitch on pegs around loom in same manner.  (Figure 2)  After the last stitch is removed, gather and tie a little knot at end of yarn.   (Figure 3)
8) Weave yarn back and forth 5 or 6 times, through several stitches to secure it.

After removing from the loom, gently fill with polyester fiberfill.  Take a needle and the initial yarn tail that was wrapped around the peg to start the head, and weave in and out to gather the top of the head.

Using your strands of yarn and an H hook,  join at the top of the head off to one side of the very top.  Chain 8, then dc in the 4th chain from the top and dc in each chain back to the first chain. Slip stitch on to the opposite side of the head top.  Make another ear in the same manner and slip stitch join near base of that ear. Cut yarn. Thread through sewing needle and sew in and out of a few stitches to secure.

NECK- cut 12" piece of ribbon-- weave in and out about 1/3 of way down (about round 6). Pull tightly, tie a knot, wrap around to front of bunny and tie in a bow.