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Preemie Thumb-less Mitts
Copyrighted by Diana Sharp 2007
*Hook Size: 'E'
*Yarn Type: Baby Sports Weight in varigated colors
*Dated Created: 5/20/07
*Project Time: 30 mins
*Stitches Used:Chain, Single Crochet, Double Crochet.
*Comments:Pattern may be used to make items for your own use or for charity. May not be sold or printed elsewhere without the authors permission.

Ch 3, sc to first ch to make loop.

Rd 1: (2 ch to bring 1st stitch up to height. Do this on each rd and stitch does not count as a stitch.) Make 8 dc in ring. Sl st to 1st dc skipping over beg ch 2. All rounds will end this way. ch 2

Rd 2: 2 dc in same stitch as ch 2. 2 dc in each of rem 7 dc. Sl st to 1st dc, ch 2.

Rd 3-4: 1 dc in same stitch as ch 2, 1 dc in each rem stitch around. Sl st to 1st dc in round. (16 stitches, do not count the first ch 2)

Rd 5: (lace round) Ch 3, dc in next st, ch 3 and dc in next st, repeat around. Do not skip any stitches. Sl st to top of ch 3, ch 1.

Rd 6: Sc in same stitch as ch 1, sc in each stitch around. Sl to 1st sc in round. Ch 3

Rd 7: (ruffle) Sc in first stitch after joining. Ch 3, sc in next stitch all the way around. Join with a sl st to 1st stitch in beg ch.

Tie: Ch 36 leaving a 2 inch tail on both ends. Weave this through stitches in Round 5 and tie a small bow. If you prefer you can use ribbon.

Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Sl st = slip stitch
Beg = beginning
Rd = round
Rem = remaining


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