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            Row 1:  Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 3 dc in the ring and TURN!  (4 dc made).
Row 2
(this is the wrong side of the petal)
  Ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in base of the ch 3 and in each dc across (4 dcs), ch 4; TURN.
petal step 2

<-------- Now, place that ch 4 behind the petal .
(see picture)

Petal Row 1: Work 4 dc inside the ring; TURN to wrong side

flower petal behind

Petal Row 2
: Ch 3, dc in base of ch 3 and in each dc across (4 dcs). Ch 4 and turn. (Place the ch 4 behind the end petal. Repeat Petal Rows 1 and 2 until you have a total of 8 petals. Join last ch-4 with a sl st to base of beginning ch-3 of 1st Petal. (8 ch-4 loops made) Fasten off.
back of flower sq with green

(*Beginning cluster (Ch 3 (counts as dc), holding last loop of each stitch on the hook, **work 3 dc in the specified space, yarn over, then pull through all 7 loops on hook.), Ch 5, make cluster**) in same space, ch 3, sc in next ch-4 loop, ch 3, *(cl, ch 5, cl) in next ch-4 loop, ch 3, sc in next ch 4 loop, ch 3; repeat from * around, join with a sl st in the top of beg inning cluster - 8 clusters made. Fasten off leaving a 4" tail of yarn. Weave in ends.

(The rest is the same as a regular Granny Square)