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Copyright 2001  -  Sandra Huffines

Lg Preemie: Bernat Coordinates;  F and H hooks
Med Preemie: Bernat Softee;  C and E hooks
Sm Preemie: Baby Fingering; Bernat Lollipop Yarn 1.75 oz.  B and D hooks

Row 1:  With lgr hk, ch 53, hdc in 3rd ch from hk and in ea ch across.  (52hdc)
Row 2-9: Ch2, turn, hdc in ea hdc across.

Row 1:  Ch1, turn, sk first st (neck edge), hdc in next 13hdc.
Row 2:  Ch2, turn, hdc in next 10hdc, (hdc dec) in last 2st.
Continue decreasing at neck edge in this manner until 6 sts remain.
Work 1 row even on 6 sts (total of 9 rows).  Fasten off.
Work other front panel the same, reversing neck shaping.

Leaving 1 sp unworked on ea side of back panel, work even for 9 rows.  Fasten off.  (22hdc)
Sew shoulder seams.

Even Rnds:  Work even on 26 hdc.
Rnd 1:  Work 26 hdc around armhole (decreasing at ea underarm cnr).
Rnd 3:  Work hdc around, decreasing 1 st under arm.  (25hdc)
Rnd 5:  Rpt Rnd 3.  (24hdc)
Rnd 6:  Rpt Rnd 3.  (23hdc)
Rnd 7:  Rpt Rnd 3.  (22hdc)
Rnd 8-10: Work even on 22 hdc, ch1, turn.

Change to smaller hk.
Rnd 11:  Sc around, ch1, do NOT turn.
Rnd 12:  Work (slst, ch1) in ea st around.  Fasten off.  Turn back cuff.

With smaller hk, add a border of (slst, ch1) around entire sweater.
You can add 2 ties to front of sweater, or sew buttons on.

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