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Preemie Boy Stretchy Hat and Booties by Aunt B 2005 

If you have questions about Aunt B's patterns, please contact her at ''

Red Heart Baby Soft Yarn in blue and white, or other colors you wish to use.
Size K and G hook
Yarn needle
What makes this hat "Stretchy" is the use of an oversized hook. You will be working the hat upside down.

fpdc= dc around post of indicated st.

Rnd 1…With white and leaving a long tail, ch 39, sc in back ridge of second ch and remaining chains, join, do not turn
Rnd 2-10…ch 1, sc in same st, sc in remaining 37sts, join, change to blue
Rnd 11..ch1, sc in same st and next 2 sts ( fpdc in stitch 2 rows below next sc, sc in next 3) , fpdc around joining st 2 rows below, join
Rnd 1, sc in same st, sc around, join, change to white
Rnd 13…ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 2, (fpdc around next st 2 rows below, sc 3) around, join
Row 14 - around.

With both colors, wrap yarn 10 - 15 times around a piece of cardboard or your first 3 fingers. Slip off and insert 2 strands of yarn through center. Tie yarn tightly. Cut loops, fluff, and trim evenly.

Row 1...with blue , Ch 11, 2sc in 2nd ch and next 8, 7hdc in last st, sc8 on other side of ch, 2scs in last st, join (27sts)
Row 2 - 3...Ch1, sc in same st, sc 26, join
Row 1, sc in same st, sc 7, sc dec 5 times, sc 9, join (22sts)
Row 1, sc in same st, sc8, sc dec 3 times, sc 8, join (19sts)
Row 2, dc in next 18 sts, join
Row around, join, fasten off

Tie…with white yarn and G hook start with a long tail, ch 70, leave a long tail, weave yarn half way threw, weave yarn from other end half way threw, stretch tie to full length, cut excess yarn.

Weave through row 6. Tie in front.

All designs and patterns are the personal property of Beverly A. Vokoun (aka Aunt B)
Patterns and/or items made from my patterns are not to be sold without written permission from me.

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