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Bev's Weird POTHOLDER!
I absolutely love this pattern... makes up quickly and it really works. I have crocheted the seam shut instead of whip stitching it, so that you can see how the potholder takes shape. I also used 2 colors at once to make it thicker.

Size H hook, 4 ply kitchen crochet yarn
Ch 36
Rnd 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across each chain. Now sc along the backside of the ch.
Rnd 2-25 (or until the 'square' meets in the middle): sc around in each stitch. **Be sure you don't turn at all!** Just crochet around and around.
This potholder looks funny and turns in on itself, but eventually it will form a rectangle that you can stitch together at the open seam!

Or go here for another version using fewer sts

Make these in Holiday colors too--great gift for neighbors, or family.

Easter - pastels
Summer - Yellows and greens
Halloween - orange and black
Thanksgiving - Brown, yellow and orange
Christmas - green and red

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