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"Osmond Colors Children's Project 2010"




♪♫ Baby It's COLD Outside! ♪♫

Well, it isn't cold right now, but it will be soon and this little project is for fans and other crafters to knit and crochet items for KIDS  (preemies through teens) ~ warm hats, scarves, mittens, booties, socks, and slippers, all made in, you've got it, OSMOND COLORS from the 1970's!!

Wish I had a better photo of the colors they wore, but the top one and the black and white ones are photos that I took at the Minnesota State fair in 1975 maybe? Can't really see the colors but they wore outfits and scarves that reflected each of their colors back them.

Alan = Blue

Wayne = Orange

Merrill = Black

Jay = Green

Donny = Purple

Marie = Pink

Jimmy = Red

If you are a knitter or crocheter or loom knitter, you might be asking "How can I help?" It's easy! Simply find a place near you who might need some warm hats, scarves and/or mittens for children this winter.  Call them up and ask what their needs are or will be, find some yarn in fun Osmond colors-- choose your fave Osmond's color, or use all of them, needles or hooks and winter patterns and get started!

This project will run from June 20th - extended to Dec 1st, 2010!!!  

Call your friends, get together, play Osmond records, and let's warm children in need!

refer a friend Please tell others about this project!  Let's warm the kids this winter.


Here are some ideas for places that might need what you make:

Domestic Violence shelters, soup kitchens, inner city or your local elementary schools, foster care facilities, WIC, pediatrics wards, NICU's and so forth. You choose.

I added a special thermometer graphic to keep track of how we are doing and maybe a map of some kind if I can locate one!  Let's see if we can get someone from every state, and as many countries as possible, involved!  As you complete items feel free to email your ongoing totals to BEV. Please put Osmond Project in the subject line.  Let's start helping kids today!

Please email me with your name (first name and last initial), and state if you would like to join in and be listed.

Won't you Join Us?
  1. Kathryn C. in Australia
  2. Shirley B in Norway
  3. Kelly A in BC, Canada
  4. Leslie A, In Ontario Canada
  5. Charlotte B in Alabama
  6. Susan C in Alabama
  7. "Alaskagal" in Alaska
  8. Amy K in Arizona
  9. Sherry B. in California
  10. Corene S in California
  11. Jen LG in Colorado
  12. Kim G in Connecticut
  13. Kaye R in Florida
  14. Marilyn in Florida
  15. SusanH in Florida
  16. Debra S in Georgia
  17. Marilyn in Georgia
  18. Moana R in Hawaii
  19. Carol in Idaho
  20. Sandie in Louisiana
  21. Nikki and family in Maine
  22. Chris B in Maryland
  23. Doris in Massachusetts.
  24. Judith W. in Massachusetts
  25. Natalie K in Michigan
  26. NeldaW in Michigan
  27. Tammy K in Michigan
  28. Becca S in Mississippi
  29. Christina S in Missouri
  30. Gretchen E-M in Montana
  31. BevQ in Nevada
  32. Fran in NJ
  33. Lynne H in NJ
  34. Maureen in New Jersey
  35. Millie in New York
  36. Cecelia in North Carolina
  37. Cynthia in North Carolina
  38. Donna in New Hampshire
  39. Sherri Johnson in North Carolina
  40. Judy B in Ohio
  41. Peggy H in Ohio
  42. Janice N in Oklahoma
  43. Cat in Oregon/California
  44. Patricia M in Pennsylvania
  45. Faith Ann in Pennsylvania
  46. Monica P in South Dakota
  47. Dot in Tennesee
  48. Elaine H in Tennesee
  49. Becca H in Texas
  50. Holly G in Texas
  51. Nancy O in Texas
  52. Anna V in Utah
  53. Chris H in Utah
  54. Holly M in Utah
  55. Marianne in Utah
  56. Ruthie P in Utah
  57. Elaine in Vermont
  58. Anita L in Virginia
  59. Dolores in Virginia
  60. Judy in Washington
  61. Sandy N in Wisconsin
  62. Monica in ?
  63. JJReedy in ?

We made it!!  In fact, we surpassed
our goal and hit 1014 items made
in Osmond colors!
Thanks to all who joined in
this challenge to warm those
in need!  

God Bless you and yours always, Bev

Enjoy this video that shows their colors:

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