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Bev's VERY Easy Preemie Booties
Copyright 2001, 2011 Beverly A. Qualheim

Little Clara -(approx. 2 lbs) is sporting the latest in High-Top Fashion for preemies in her very own 
'Bev's VERY Easy Preemie Booties'

(Made in one piece and folded in half to seam.)

Size G hook and a few yards of soft 4 ply worsted weight yarn. Use an F hook for smaller booties. Booties will fit a 4-5 lb baby - measures approx. 3"
Size F hook and a few yards of baby yarn for a 2-3 lb baby  Smaller booties = approx. 2.5" long
Sole of bootie
Ch 23
ROW 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn (22 sc)
ROW 2: sc in each sc across row (22 sc).  ch 1, turn.
ROW 3-5: repeat row 2, except on row 5, don't ch 1 at the end, just turn.
(This will make a narrow bootie- as preemie feet are often long and skinny.  Feel free to add a couple more rows to make them wider though.)
ROW 6 (forms the top of bootie): sl st in the first 6 sts, ch 3 (counts as one dc), and make 1 dc in the same st, dc in the next few sts leaving the last 5 sts unworked. (12 dc)  Ch 2, turn
ROW 7 : Dc in each dc across. (12 dc)
(If you want a taller bootie do 2 dc at end of row 7, turn and repeat row 7 once) 
Finish off.
Fold in half and whip-stitch up using yarn and big eyed needle, to form bootie.

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