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Bev's Micro Preemie Bonnet 1-2 lbers
Copyright 2007, 2017 Beverly A. Qualheim  (

micro-preemie-bonnetA few yds of sport weight or baby yarn (#2 yarn)
Size G hook  (4 mm)
Back of bonnet
Rnd 1: Ch 4, join with sl st to form a ring. Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) Make 15 more dc inside ring (16 dcs)
Join with a sl st in top of 1st ch 3.

Row 1: Ch 3, Dc in same stitch as ch 3, *1 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc. Repeat from * until you have 20 dcs (leave 4 dc of original round, unworked.) Ch 3, turn. (20 dcs)
ROW 2: DC in base of ch 3, dc in each dc (20 dcs), ch 3, turn
ROW 3-5: Repeat Row 2.

Edge: skip 1 dc, then sl st the ch 3 into the next dc, * ch 3 and sl st into next dc. Repeat from * across. Don't end off, ch 1, and sc evenly across base of the bonnet. (20 sc)

Finish: Weave ribbon in and out through row 5 OR through neckline row- depending on how you like it.


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