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Aunt Maggie's Ripple Afghan
This is a beautiful knitted 'Feather and Fan' afghan, one fashioned after the afghans my Aunt Maggie use to make.
This can easily be knitted in lovely Spring Pastels as Easter-time always reminds me of my Aunt Maggie.  Of course, you can always make it in any colors you love for any time of year you love!

The finished afghan for adults is approximately 45 1/2" x 56"  (Baby afghan is about 36" across)
need about 1300 yds for baby, 1800 yds for child's blanket, and 2500 yds yarn for adult blanket. 
Pattern repeat is 18 sts (+ 2 for the knit 1 at each end)

Size 10.5 knitting needles.  Circular ones work well..
Gauge: 16 rows = 4 inches

YO= yarn over   tog=together

Cast on 110 sts for infant blanket, 146 sts for child's blanket   (182 sts for adult blanket)
Row 1: (This will be your right side.) Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K 1, *[k2 tog] 3 times,   [yo, k1] 6 times,   [k2 tog] 3 times,   repeat from * to last stitch, k1.
Row 4: Knit 
Repeat rows 1 through 4 until work measures approximately 36", 40",  (56") or desired length from beginning.  End with 'Row 4'.
Bind off.

Copyright Nancy 2003

   Using WW yarn (I use Caron Simply Soft) and size 8 needles, cast on 120 stitches.  Pattern repeat is 18 stitches.

 First row of BORDER:  Knit 6, place marker; knit 18 and place marker; knit 18 and place marker; knit 18 and place marker; knit 18 and place marker; knit 18 and place marker; knit 6.   Do garter stitch border for a distance of about 1-1/4 inches (which should make the bottom border equal to the side borders).  When border is desired length, start pattern:
   ROW 1:  Purl

   ROW 2:  Knit 6; *k2 together 3 times; (k1, yo) 6 times; k2 together 3 times.  Repeat from * to last marker.  K6.

   ROW 3:  Knit.

   ROW 4:  Knit.

Continue as above 'til the length almost equals the width (allowing 1-1/4 inches for the top border).  When you have completed pattern on row 4, just start your garter stitch border and continue til blanket is just about square and top border is as many rows as bottom border. 

* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.

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