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Copyright 1999 Leslie Pincher used with permission - photos Copyright 2007 maureen gentry (who cross stitched on it!)

Leslie says about the pattern:
"This afghan is very warm, my whole family loves it.  I was taught by a nurse in the Raymond, Alberta, Canada Hospital while I was visiting my Grandma.  In making this afghan be careful at the beginning 2 or 3 rows.  Once you do it, it becomes quite easy to do more."

Materials Needed:  Size 10 Aero Hook, Size N
600 gm + Varigated Yarn (4 ply worsted weight)
600 gm + Plain Yarn

Leave stitches loose.
NOTE:  When starting and ending any row make sure to have a tail approximately the size of your crochet hook.
With 2 threads and making a tail  (eg. Blue and White) ch. 80 to 100 stitches - depending on how wide you would like your afghan.  Fasten off leaving a tail.

Row 1: With one of the threads (Blue), hook nearest blue and farthest (White) and sc. continuing until the end and fasten off -  remembering to always start and end with a tail.  Turn.
Row 2:  Starting with other color (White) hook back (Blue) of the row just conpleted and the top (White) loop from 2 rows back.  Continue to the end and fasten off.  Turn.
Row 3:  Lead with (Blue) and hook back of (White) from previous row and (Blue) loop from 2 rows back.  Continue and fasten off.

NOTE:  On row 1 when picking up thread, if using blue, you pick up nearest blue and farthest white, yet on row 3 when using blue, you will be picking up nearest white and farthest blue.
TO END: sc through 3 loops  using both the white and blue threads  (The top 2 and also hook top loop from 2 rows before).
Tie fringe in the following manner:
1)  Tie a knot with first 4 and then the next 4 until  the end.
2)  Tie a knot with a blue and a white - outside fringe will have only 2 the rest will have 4 - make sure that you have 2 white and 2 blue in each of the 4 clusters.

Optional fringe:  Cut fringe to desired length and leave. I would recommend 3 - 5 inches.

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