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Beadie Candy Cane
by Bev and her children
copyright Bev Qualheim 2000,2011
These are so much fun for kids and adults to make for decorating the Christmas tree. They look pretty and make great attachments on presents too.

Materials needed
Tri beads, round beads in various colors
6" piece of pipe cleaner


1) Bend the tip of the pipe cleaner over so beads stay on.
2) Start threading beads on in patterns or randomly.
3) When you reach nearly to the end, fold the tip over on that end to keep beads on.
4) Bend the top to form a cane.
5) Hint: Make sure that the beads are not packed on so tightly that you can't bend the cane.

You can also make Wreaths in this manner, by bending the pipe cleaner into a circle and twisting ends together.  Add a ribbon over the twisted ends if you wish.