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Bev's Chemo Slumber Caps

These hats are not meant for heavy duty outdoor warmth, they are mostly for sleeping in to help keep the head warm at night.
Copyright 2006, 2013 ~ Beverly A. Qualheim - All Rights Reserved - Do not copy actual pattern to blogs or in emails, or other websites. You may make these caps to sell in fundraisers.

Adult Hat measures 9.5" tall. That includes the roll up which only rolled a couple of rows.
It measures 8.5" across the front of the bottom of the hat.

Use 36 peg loom (3/4" apart)
2 strands pink Simply Soft Yarn (2 oz or so)
(or any color you wish as long as you keep the white rows in there at the top)

E-Wrap loom 2 times around, then lift bottom e-wrap over top e-wrap. (knit)
There is NO brim on this hat. Just knit, and it will naturally roll up a little.

E-wrap around each peg on the loom one time now (so you always have 2 rows wrapped to knit).
Knit 20 total rows in pink, change to white
(white is to represent the Angels watching over them at night)
Now, knit 5 rows in white.
Change back to pink and knit 3 more rows.
Gather, remove.

You can also make these for kids using the 31 peg looms (3/4" apart).
Make them 8" tall

Using the 31 peg loom red KK or ITA loom
2 strands held together
E-wrap and knit 16 rows in main color of soft yarn
change to white and knit 5 rows,
back to main color for 3 more rows
Gather off.

Also, there are tags with a little poem to attach to each cap:

* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators as stated on their patterns. You may provide a direct LINK to the patterns on my pages, but you may NOT post actual full patterns anywhere in any media form. Any items made from patterns to Beverly Qualheim may be sold, but please make one for charity too.