Nov 29th


Bev's 2004 Baby Bootie Challenge and
CHARITY CROCHET-ALONG!  All done!  Thanks to everyone who helped.


buttons courtesy of LUVS2CRAFTnewborn booties
Some of Bev's Booties for the challenge!

I had originally set a goal this year to complete 100 pairs of newborn booties for LDS HUMANITARIAN.  As of July 16th, 2004, I have achieved that goal so I set a new goal and I would love to have some of my readers set their own goal with this.  My new goal is to make 500 pairs of booties this year, mostly for LDS Humanitarian, but a few will go to friends who do work for hospitals and such!  I figured out that I have to make 3 pairs a day, average, to achieve this!

If you would like to join me
1) Set your own goal.  How many pairs do you want to make by the end of the year?
2) Decide to whom you wish to donate the booties.  Send them to your fave charity, take them to your local hospital, give them to women's shelters in your area, or Ronald McDonald Houses, send them to LDS humanitarian...  wherever you'd like is fine.
3) Get out those crochet hooks or knitting needles and some soft yarn and off you go!  Oh yes...
please email me (be sure to put your own email address in here so I can answer you!)  and let me know what you decide.  Together we can do this and think how many people will be helped.

Here are some booties patterns I am using:

Now for the Charity-Crochet-and-Knit-Along!
If you would like to join in - I am challenging everyone who crochets to work on this easy pair of booties! 

Please join Bev and others who are making these booties for charity. Or set your own challenge, as some of my readers below have done.  You can donate these to a local hospital, or choose one from this page:

Please make 1 pair or 10 pairs or 500 or as many as you want for a charity of your choice.  If you want to join us and you have a website feel free to copy either of these BUTTONS to your hard-drive and place it on your site with the following html:


<a href="http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bootie-challenge.html"><img src="images/name of graphic"></a>

Ariadne - 100 pairs of booties and matching hats
- however many she can make!

Angela - 100 pairs
April B - as many as she can make, and hats too
Barbara D
- 100 pairs
Barb D - 50 pairs
Becky P. - 25 pairs for hospital in Detroit MI
Betty M
- at least 75 pairs for LDS Humanitarian
- 500 pairs for LDS Humanitarian

Brandi S - as many as she can make!
Brittny - 150 pairs to donate to hospitals around the USA
- however many she can make!

Carla S - 100 pairs
Carol - learning to crochet using the Bev's VERY Easy booties pattern
Carolyn in CA - 1 pair per week. or 20 prs
Catherine - 6 pairs to LDS Humanitarian
Chris M - however many she can make!

Debbie O - as many as she can make!
Eva - 100 hats and 100 prs booties
Hayley -
10 pairs by December!
Jackie and Jill
in England - 30 pairs each

Janine S. in FL
Jenny in England
- making them for
LDS Humanitarian/Europe
Judy - 20 pairs for local hospital.
- 50 pairs
Karen B
- 20 pairs for US Military Babies
Kathy Z. -
as many booties/sweater sets as she can make for LDS Humanitarian
- 100 pairs

Kristina Y. - however many she can make!
K.M. - 500 pairs
Lauri and Gabi
Lori K -
at least 50 pairs

Luvs2craft - 25 pairs
Lynn in England - as many as she can make - also with Cuddles
Margaret - 50 pairs
Marilynn - as many as possible for Angels 4 Preemies
Mary Beth Z. - 100 pairs booties
Mary Louise - 100 pairs booties * hats for Loma Linda Univ. Hospital
in SoCal - 20 pairs

Pat H - 50 pairs for LDS humanitarian
Pat P
- 50 pairs
for LDS Humanitarian
Pattie N - 50 pairs
- 50 pairs for LDS Humanitarian

Paula N- 100 pairs for several charities
Sharon H. - making 100 pairs of booties for Warm Hearts Warm Babies in CO
Shannon T. -
20 pairs
50 pairs
Susan -
however many she can make!
Terry - as many as she can make!
Theresa K. - making as many as she can for hospitals and NIB
Tosha F.
- 25 pairs by Thanksgiving
Tracy -
200 prs booties
Vonnie K, -
3-5 pairs a week for local pregnancy center.
Yarncat - 32 pairs

Rhonda and H&G - pledging to make 500 HATS to go with my 500 booties goal - ladies from HooksnGrannies.com
 They already hit their goal as of Sept 20 and are now making as many as they can!
Lois -proud army wife - she and her group are making 400 stockings to fill for the troops, and collecting 200 - 7" squares to make 4 afghans for them.

Leanne in Melbourne, Australia - making and collecting 1000 granny squares to make blankets for the homeless!
Kaye in Florida - making 500 squares for blankets for homeless.
Chris - knit and crocheting hat/scarves/mitten sets (25 of them) for shelters.

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