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Bev's Snuggle Booties in 3 Sizes
(formerly Bev's Easy to knit booties)
Beverly A. Qualheim 2008, 2012 - all rights reserved - do not post this pattern in emails, on other websites etc.  You may link to it.
Size 4  (3.5 mm) Knitting needles and 1 oz. baby weight or sport yarn (3 or 4 ply in UK)
Gauge = 6 garter sts =1",  12 garter st rows =1"; booties end up about 3.25" long in newborn size

Cast on (30 sts preemies); 34 sts newborn;  [38 sts 3 - 6 months size].
Knit 12 rows for preemies (forms 6 ridges);
14 rows for newborns ( forms 7 ridges)
16 rows  for 3-6 months ( forms 8 ridges)

Decreasing to form ankle and cuff:

(Knit 2 stitches together) twice, at start of next 2 rows.

Bind off 3 [4] stitches at start of the next 2 rows. (22 sts) (24 sts left)  [26 sts left]

Cuff: *
Knit 2, purl 2 (for largest booties - K1, P 1) in a ribbing for (14 rows) 18 rows or desired height.

Bind off stitches loosely to remove from needles.  (You have an inverted T shape --->)
Fold bootie in half and sew up seams to close. You can leave the cuff unseamed if you wish.
Stitch on embellishments like rose buds, or crochet a chain for ties to weave in and out at base of cuff, if you wish.

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