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BETH'S Easy Knit Baby Booties
copyright 2003 Beth Koskie - All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of and Karen Jordan Copyright 2003

Worsted weight yarn, two colors (I use a color and white)
Size 8 needles, size G crochet hook

Cast on 28 sts with colored yarn.
Knit 10 rows (5 ridges).

Decrease as follows:
Row 11: K 12, K2tog twice, K 12 (26 sts).
Row 12, 14, 16: Knit across.
Row 13: K 11, K2tog twice, K 11 (24 sts).
Row 15: K 10, K2tog twice, K 10 (22 sts).

Eyelet – Row 17: K1, *YO, K2tog,, repeat from * across, end K1 (22 sts).
Row 18: Knit across, knitting through back loop of all YO sts.

Cut colored yarn (leave enough length to use for sewing bottom half of bootie) and attach white; work ribbing as follows:
*K1, P1, repeat from * across row.
Work 14 rows of this ribbing, bind off, cutting yarn long enough to sew top half of bootie.  Fold bootie in half, right sides together.  Sew top half with white yarn, bottom half with colored yarn.  Weave in ends, turn rightside out; fold down cuff.

Make second bootie the same.

Tie: Using G hook, ch2, work 8 sc in first ch, join to first sc; ch 52, work 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join to first sc of circle, end off.  Weave in ends in each “circle” end.  Use hook to pull through eyelets of  bootie and tie in front.

(note: the circle end keeps the tie from coming undone, but I have found it’s easier to ch 52, pull the last loop really BIG and leave myself about 3’ of yarn, then thread that long loop through the eyelet of the bootie and once in place, finish the last circle end)

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