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 Layettes and Onesies

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Shirts, Leggings, and Onesies


Bev's PEAPOD Cozy   (K)

Bev's Baby Jacket and Layette SET  (C)

Bev's basic newborn SET  (K) hat, mittens, booties, blanket

Bev's Country Cottage LAYETTE (K)

Bev's Diaper Shirt/vest   (C)

And on Bev's Site:

Gorgeous Baby Layette set - (C)  pdf pattern donated to Bev's Country Cottage from Just

Michelle's Wrap Baby Shirt (C) preemies and newborns

Onesie  (C)


4 Piece baby set from the 1940's (C) archived

Baby Boy Layette set from the 1950's (C) archived

Bernat Preemie Garter Stitch set (K) for preemies thru 12 months sizes

Checked Mates Layette (K) at p2

Crocheted Baby Layette (C)

Cute knitted Baby Set (K) Lionbrand

Forget Me Knot Layette - (C)  at p2

Jimmy Beans Sweater set (K) Jimmy Beans

Kimono Layette (K) at Lion Brand

Lace Baby Set (6 month) (K) archived

Patriotic Set (C) at p2

Twist and Twirl Layette (K) at p2

Ups-a-daisy Layette (K) at p2

Striped knitted Baby Set-   (K) a 
Pullover & Hat: 6 mos. (12 mos., 18 mos.)


Accordian Sleepsack and hat  (k)

Baby Sleep Sack (S)

Bev's PEAPOD Cozy   (K)

Big Ripple Sleep Sack and Cap (C)

Big Shell Sleep Sack, Cap and Mitts (C)

DIY Sleep sack (S)

Fleece Sleep Sack (S)

Lil Punkin Sleep Sack and Cap(K)

Owlie Sleep Sack (K)

Pretty in Pink Sleep Sack (K)

Preemie Shell Sleep Sack (C)

Preemie Ripple Sleep Sack (C)

Picot Sleep Sack (K)

Picot Knot Sleep Sack (K)

Susie's shell sleep sack (C)

Suzie's Ripple Sleep Sack and Cap (C)

Toddler Sleep Sack (S)

Wavy Sleep Sack and Cap (C)

Shirts, Leggings, and Onesies

(Maxine's) Baby Angel Wings Dress - Newborns - (C)
(Maxine's) Baby Pinafore with Ruffles -  (C)

Angel Pants (C)

Baby Cloud Leggings (C)

Baby Leggings (K)

Baby-Toddler Vest (K) at Straw

Baby Vest (K) at Straw

Bev's Diaper Shirt/vest   (C)

Kanoko Pants (K)

Kimono - (S)  Martha Stewart's site

Leapfrog Pants

Legging Longies

Michelle's Wrap Baby Shirt (C) 
preemies and newborn

Preemie Shirt - (C)

Sailboat Rompers (C)

Shortie Sleeper (C)

Baby Boy Long sleeved Onesie (C)

Knitted onesie (K)

Lion Brand Onsie - (K) older babies

Onesies (C)

Onesie  (C)

Raglan Onesie or Romper (K)

Rue's Cute Onesie 0-3 months (C) ravelry free pattern

Tiny knitted onesie - (K) says it's for a gift card, but might work for burial garments for a preemie


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