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Bev's Country

Sandy Riggs created some beautiful Cross stitch graphs for Bev's Country Cottage several years ago and I shall ever be grateful.
Here is a lovely bookmark you can make for those who may be struggling through life's challenges right now.  It's a gentle reminder that there is rain in life, but there is also sunshine just behind the clouds and sometimes, a rainbow.  May we all be grateful even for our challenges...

Pattern Name:  After The Rainbow Bookmark

Designed By:  2001 , 2002 Sandy Riggs. Used by permission.

Fabric: Aida 14, White
30w X 56h Counts
Size(s): 14 Count, 2-1/8w X 4h in

Floss Used for Full Stitches:

Symbol                          Strands           Type         Number     Color

      lemon                   3                  DMC             307         Lemon

      violet md                    3                  DMC             552        Violet-MD

       chartreuse                    3                  DMC             703        Chartreuse

       orange spice-dk                     3                  DMC              720        Orange Spice-DK

       delft blue dk                     3                  DMC              798         Delft Blue-DK

       garnet                     3                  DMC              816         Garnet

Floss Used for Backstitches:

Symbol                      Strands              Type           Number          Color

  backstitch                                  3                   DMC             796          Royal Blue-DK

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