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Tye dye 100% cotton shirts, socks, underwear, hankies, muslin material to make a beautiful tye-dyed world!!

*Rubber Bands
*White shirts, socks, hankies etc
*RIT Brand Dye TM
One 8 qt pan for each color
A couple of big buckets to rinse the dyed articles.
Very Hot Water
Rubber gloves

*** OLDER KIDS AND ADULTS need to supervise the dipping and dying.
1) Take the rubber bands and wrap them tightly around various parts of your shirt. (See photo to left)
2) You can make different designs by rolling the shirt in various places, or folding and twisting, then wrap the rubber bands around VERY tightly!
3) Place the RIT dye into the large pots of very hot water as directed on the inside of the RIT dye box, keep the pots on the stove on low. Be sure to add 1/2 cup to 1 cup salt in each 'dye bath' to help set the colors.
4) To make one color shirt, place the entire shirt in the one color.  Let it sit in there for at least 20 minutes, soaking up the dye.
5) To make multi colored clothes, or material dip only part of the article in one color.  Let it soak for 15-20 minutes, then wring out into the dye pan, using rubber gloves, because it will be HOT!
6) Place the items in a bucket of vinegar and SOAK for about 15 mins to help set the colors.
- When you have soaked the article as long as you wish, wring it out entirely, using the rubber gloves, and rinse in the sink under cold water until the water runs mostly clear. You can fill buckets with cold water and let them soak in water.
7) Do a final rinse and then wring as dry as you can, REMOVE rubber bands, and hang on clothesline to dry.
8) If you are dying cotton material or muslin, you can let this dry and cut it into what you want to sew!  Great stuff!

The first few times you wash these dyed items, be sure to wash SEPARATELY because they will run.

(In case you are wondering why their faces look 'colored'--it isn't dye, it is sidewalk chalk!  We like to use that stuff! They used it for makeup! :-)

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