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I was cleaning out my closet a few years ago, looking for a mitten booklet in there, and ran across an old, torn pattern for infant booties, 
that was written in my hand-writing from eons ago. I don't know if it is MY pattern I made up as I went, or if someone dictated it to me,
or if it was one of my mums??
I am going to dedicate it to 'The Unknown Knitter' for the Copyright notice.

The wonderful photos and how to notes are from Janelle- thanks!

Yarn needle
Stitch holder or large safety pin
1.75 ounce skein baby yarn
(Needles - DPs or circs size 1 for newborn or size 3 for 3-6 month size)
Needles determine size.

Gauge: garter st with size 3 needles 7 sts + 14 rows = 1 inch
St St = Row 1 knit, row 2 purl
Garter = Knit all rows

Starting at cuff, cast on 38 sts
Rows 1-30: work in k 2, p 2 ribbing
Row 31: k 13 sts and place on holder (don't cut yarn) K 12 sts for instep, put remaining 13 sts on holder.
Rows 32-50: Work in St St in 12 instep sts. Cut yarn.

Place 13 sts from 1st st holder on right hand needle, attach yarn, then pick up & knit 12 sts on left edge of instep. K across 12 sts on left hand needle, then pick up and knit 12 sts along right edge of instep. Put 13 sts from 2nd holder onto left needle and K them. (62 sts)

FOOT ROWS 2-5 Work in St St
FOOT ROWS 6-10 Work in garter st

TOE/HEEL Shaping: Foot row 11: K 1 , k 2 together, k 24, K 2 tog, k 4, k 2 tog, k 24, k 2 tog, k 1 (38 sts)
FOOT ROW 12 and all remaining even numbered rows: knit
FOOT ROW 13: K 1, k 2 tog, k 22, K2 tog, k4, k 2 tog, k 22, k 2 tog, k 1 (54 sts)
Foot ROW 15: k 1, k 2 tog, k 20, k 2 tog, k 4, k 2 tog, k20, k 2 tog, k 1 (50 sts)
FOOT ROW 17: Bind off all sts

FINISHING: Use yarn needle to stitch sole and back seam.


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