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Marisa NOv 2004
Marisa's Preemie Slippers

Pattern Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2005, 2007 - All Rights Reserved
"These tiny slippers were created from a photo sent to me of little Marisa R. She only lived for 5 months, but she touched so many lives, brought new friends together, and filled our hearts with joy.   Please make a pair of these for your local hospital, a hospital listed on our PEDS page or for another little one who needs some soft, tiny slippers.  Or you are also welcome to make a pair for the hospital where Marisa and her twin Angel were born. (see address at bottom of this page)"  Bev Q

PATTERN: Size 8 knitting needles
1/2 oz of Simply Soft yarn
Cast on 22 sts
Each row knit 1, purl 1 across.  End with purl.
Start next row with knit 1,then purl 1.
Knit a square, approximately 18 rows.  (3.25" x 3.25")

Cut yarn tail about 15" long and thread onto yarn needle.  Carefully remove the sts from the needle and weave the yarn tail through those sts.
Pull tightly to gather the toe. 
Fold slipper in half to form slipper, and stitch from toe toward heel, leaving about 1.25" open for foot to slip in.
preemie slippersStitch heel shut.  Make a pompom and add to the middle of the slipper as shown.
Finished slippers are approx. 1.5" tall, and 3.25" in length and will fit a baby between 3 lbs and 5 lbs.

Can be adapted to any size.  Just add more or fewer stitches and knit a square.

*** Click here to see a special memorial page for little Marisa.


To crochet Bev's knitted preemie slippers:
Copyright 2005 Rachel Lambert

crocheted preemie slipperwith a soft worsted weight yarn and g hook:
Chain 15,
row 1 single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across (14 sc)
rows 2-13  chain one and sc in each stitch across (14 sc)
you should now have a flat square that measures about 3"
finish off leaving a long tail for sewing together
thread the yarn end into a long needle and then weave it through the stitches down one side of the square.  Now, give it a strong tug to gather that side (this makes the toe area). 
Fold slipper in half, and stitch from the gathered toe toward the back, leaving about 1 inch for the foot to slide in. 
Now stitch down the back, turn it right side out and add a pompom as shown in the picture.
Tips and variations:
What you are going for here is a square that's width is the length of the baby's foot bottom.  If you want to use baby yarn or a smaller hook or maybe a hdc that is fine, just as long as you have a square before assembly.
After making the square, I finished off and then used a variegated yarn to edge it (1 sc in each sc around and 3 in each corner).  Leave the long tail for stitching together with the variegated yarn.
After stitching the slipper together and turning it right side out, you can do a hdc edging around the
foot opening (start at the front of one side and go around the back, finishing off at the other front of the opening, do not join to the other side).  Weave a ribbon or chain of yarn through that edging to
tie in front.  You don't need a pompom on this variation

The hospital where Marisa and Angel were born

Ochsner NICU
Attn: Shelley Thibeau
1516 Jefferson Hwy
New Orleans, LA 70121


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