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copyright 1990, 2016 Bev Qualheim
Sample and photograph copyright spiffyniftyriffic

To make a modest cover-up (snuggle), for a breastfeeding mom, simply cut a piece of flannel or soft cotton approximately 20" x 15" or 20" x 20".

Now crochet a simple border around the outside edge in baby yarn.

1 oz baby or sport yarn
Use a size D crochet hook.
Simply 'punch' the crochet hook through both layers of material to crochet around.

BEGIN: Tuck the edge of the material under 1/8", repeat (so you have it tucked under twice).
Rnd 1: Sc around the whole blanket making sure to sc over the folded hem and putting the hook in the single layer of material under the folded edge. Place sts about 1/8" apart all the way around.
Make 3 sc in the same hole at corners.

Rnd 2: Dc in each sc around, at corners 2 dc in each of the 3 sc.
Rnd 3: *3 dc in first dc, sc in next dc* Continue all around to form shells.

This might not seem large enough but it works really well, even with babies who hate to be covered up. It's light weight and folds up easily to place in the baby bag. Makes a terrific shower gift for a mom-to-be!

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