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Kool-Aid can be used to Dye various kinds of clean wool or mostly wool content.
Make sure the wool is clean -Pre-soak the fiber for at least half an hour in HOT water with a little dish-soap (Dawn works well). Rinse well and squeeze out extra water.  See hat at bottom of this page, that was made with Kool-Aid yarn!  The yarn I used was only 20% WOOL and it worked pretty well.

The yarn needs to be a WOOL content (mostly wool works best) and it helps to wear rubber gloves!

Stovetop method

Microwaving Method. (Bev prefers this!)
This is so much easier to do for small amounts of wool!  For the wool used in the hat below, the Pinks were done with the dye bath method, but the yellows and blue/green were done with the microwave method.

- Simply:  soak the wool in a bowl with a squirt of dish soap liquid and hot water, for 1/2 hour.
- take 2 plastic cups, and place in each: 1 TBsp vinegar and 1 Tbsp of water.  Add 1 pkg of unsweetened Kool-Aid.  Stir.
This will dye about 2 oz of wool.
I used our turkey baster, but an eye dropper will work too.
Place the wool on a sheet of plastic wrap (to be used later to wrap wool in)
- suck the dye into the baster and gently pour on various patches of the wool.
I dyed one end blue and one end green.
- Now wrap the plastic wrap around the wool, and place this in a glass bowl.
- Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  (any liquid you see in the bowl or wrap should be clear now)
Remove the wool carefully from the microwave and drop out of wrap into a bowl of cold water to rinse. Be CAREFUL not to get burned!
Squeeze excess water out of wool, and hang on line to dry.

Loomed Kool-Aid Dyed Wool for cap.  I used Cherry, Black Cherry, Orange, Lemon-Lime, BerryBlue.

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