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I depend on the people who send listings to this page to keep me informed of closures, updates, etc.  I try to provide email addresses to contact the places to make sure they are still functioning.  If you find out one no longer is in need of squares, please email me to let me know.  THANKS!  BevQ

If you love to make granny squares, but never know where to send them, this page is for you!  And, if you NEED squares, please email me the following information to be included:
Your name
email address  -VITAL--no listings will be posted without a current contact email.
mailing address (IF you wish to have that included)
size of squares needed 
colors if applicable
Charity or place they are needed for- website if possible.

If you need patterns click... Bev's GRANNY SQUARE Patterns

*** Before sending squares, I recommend emailing the group or person to see what current needs are.  If you email someone and the email no longer works please let me know and I will remove the link.

Binky Patrol -- Lisa Woodruff  (updated 1-2011)
mailing address: 640 Evans Street, Newark, OH  43055
size of squares needed -  6" or 12"
colors if applicable - anything
Charity or place they are needed for. - Central Ohio Binky Patrol, we make binkies (blankets) for children entering the foster care system in Ohio.  Our website is

Cup of Kindness
Jeanette Stubblefield
President's Office 
Faulkner University 
5345 Atlanta Highway 
Montgomery, AL 36109 
Baptist Hospital - South's Neonatal Unit in Montgomery, Alabama.  We could use any size granny square that our members could join to make small blankets for the babies.  Some of the blankets are used at the hospital but many are sent home with the babies.  Soft, pastel baby colors or white would be preferred in Baby Sport yarn.

Connie Smith

211 East Otway 18-D
Odessa, MO   64076
any size to 12", any color, wool or acrylic - please mark wool
Goes to  homeless- afghans &  Carewear babies... blankets


Crochet2Hugs (added Mar 2010) needs 3 sizes of granny squares "Crafting Granny Squares in any Style will be sewn in to a Crochet hug (afghan) from you're granny square/s. Join me Knowing Someone needing a warm touch will feel the love you put into your granny square/s that will be sewn in to one nice size Crochet Hug (afghan)."

Debbie Garcia  Updated Jan 23, 2013

P.O. Box 83
Basehor, KS  66007

Granny squares are needed in any color.  No wool, please.  
   -  6" squares will be used to make baby blankets for a teenage pregnancy crisis center.  Pastel colors in regular worsted weight yarn, or baby yarn will be used.
   -  Squares ranging from 6" to 12" will be made into lap blankets for the chronically sick or elderly.  Bright colors or Granny square variations will be used.
   - Larger size throws will be donated to homeless shelters.  Neutral or darker colored squares will be used.
   - Blankets will be donated to charities in the greater Kansas City area.

These were actually some donations that I received by referrals by your site.  They weren't 6" squares - but the enjoyed the work that these ladies did - and took the time to make such lovely designs.   I added borders around them to make into a normal sized blanket shape - and gave these to a homeless shelter in KC that accepted families, women and children.  At the time they had a baby and another young child at their facility and were so appreciative of the nice blankets.

Eileen Palmer
9 Myron Road
So. Glens Falls, NY 12803
Needs 6" squares any colors, to make into blankets for newborns at Glens Falls Hospital, she and her group also donate to the Senior Citizen's baskets that go to the elderly who really need it, with the Christmas baskets, (Moreau Civic Center)

Granny Squares of  Love - added May 2014
Name: Granny Squares of LOVE 
Mailing address: GSOL, PO BOX 64, Jackson, NC 27845
Size granny squares needed: 7 inch granny square with a final border of white to make it 8 inches.
Colors: Any color needed.
Website for Granny Squares of LOVE:

Updated Aug 2012 new mailing addy- Blankets for THE HIDING PLACE
Heather Rauschenberger
1199 CR 935
Green Forest, AR 72638

size of squares needed?
any size including 2 round grannys-daughters, and any colors. The local shelter goes through a lot of afghans for the women.
They do homeless shelters, a couple of thrift shops, and a battered women's shelter.

(PS - Bev's note  Heather can use your unwanted yarn, even scraps will work to make into squares also.)

Heidi Fox
1014 Van Buren St
Great Bend, KS 67530
I am making comfortghans for those who have lost a family member or are going through medical problems, and I'm starting to try to get some afghans made before the holidays.  House fires seem to be quite a problem around that time so I want to have some afghans on hand for that.  I'm accepting any size of square.

I can use all the 6" squares I can get for my  Warming Families project--I have a homeless shelter within a stone's throw of my apt. building. This is a year round project for me. 
Judy Fergusen
P O BOX 3572
Bloomington, IL 61702

Oct. 2010 ~     I am in need of 6\" or 12\" Granny Squares in Baby colors and also in Adult colors. No Wool or yarn with Metallic fibers please. As these are being used to make baby blankets for our local hospitals and lapghans for the local nursing homes.
Thank you,
Amanda Hughes
407 Ash Ave # 4
Sterling, IL 61081

Jan 2007 K.W.I.L.T.--standing for Kids Wrapped In Loving Thoughts. My sister-in-law and I have started a group to make handmade blankets for foster care agencies  and for other local children's service groups, in the Youngstown/Warren, Ohio area.  We are able to use 6" or 12" squares in any kid-friendly colors.  We also will accept any handmade blankets (child-sized), whether they be crocheted, knitted, or quilted or sewn.  We have started a yahoo group called K.W.I.L.T.--standing for Kids Wrapped In Loving Thoughts.  Our goal is to show the love of Christ to hurting children through the gift of a soft snugglie.  I can be reached at Anyone interested in donating can e-mail me for the mailing address or join our Yahoogroup.

The Linus Project
Blanketeers make comfy blankies for kids in hospitals, or other traumatic situation.  Click on the Chapter page, and email a blanketeer in your area to find out their needs.

added March 2013 -
LILY (Love in the Language of Yarn) Helping the refugees in Syria - mainly the orphans

LILY C/O Dianne Jones
Turkmen Mahlesi
Ünlü Sokak No 10 D 4

Founded in memory of Lily Iris Gibson born sleeping 18th July 2010. Our main object is to provide blankets for Syrian refugee children in camps in Turkey. Secondly to provide winter warmers to orphans in orphanages throughout Turkey, and to provde NICU's in several Turkish hospitals with blankets and garments for premature babies. We need all really  for the Syrian refugees and orphans , hats, scarfs, socks,  etc, we also need squares to make blankets - 8 inch squares knitted or crocheted, acrylic or wool , any colour or stitch, for prem babies  hats, booties, mitten, blankets.Our blankets are lovingly made by adults and children from all walks of life and many different countries around the wold. They provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to Syrian refugee children who have been made homeless by war and will send a message of concern and hope. Your participation is important in sending this message of hope, the thought that someone cares, that this beautiful, handmade blanket was created especially for them. It doesn't really matter what it looks like: even the most basic knitted blanket patterns will yield perfect results – a smile :)

Lisa Tenney
2632 W. 1300 S.

Syracuse, UT  84041
Both collect squares of all sizes for 'afgans for Afghans' even those made of wool.  Dark colors needed for AFA, likes 12" squares for this - 7" squares for Oregon Carewear in brights & pastels.  I have an ongoing project with the local VFW (Veteran's of Foreign Wars) Post 7824 to do lap robes for the VA nursing home here in Vancouver, and also the Portland VA hospital.

1420 STOUT ST,

I need 6" and 7" GRANNY SQUARES for American Lutheran Homes, They really like lap throws.

Marie Cappizi
22 John Street Rear
Pittston, PA 18640
6" or 7"  Darker colors and pastels>>>> 4" pastels for baby afghans. Helps homeless shelters, and nursing homes.

Midas Touch Ministries
4851 Wood Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102
Any Size any Amount granny squares needed - Afghans Used for Homeless, Battered Women\'s
Shelters, Juvenile Holmes, Nursing Homes.

Online   (their gift shop)
Mary Reinhart
36 Pine Drive 
Pottsville, PA 17901
We will accept ANY sized, any pattern, any color, any 'theme', crocheted or knitted squares. They can all be put to good use to make into afghans for people who are going through sickness, or other trials.  (Bev: This is a fantastic charity, and has helped 3 of my friends.)

Pat Autin
150 Ballard Drive
Harlem, Georgia 30814
12 inch squares ONLY 

Feb 2011

Sandra Dawson

I was just asked by our local fire department to see if I could make some blankets for those who lost everything due to a fire. So I really need help in any size or color granny squares I can get.It's such a wonderful thing to do and help those in need. Thank you for all your help.
Sandra Dawson
909 Monroe Street
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Dec 2011
Sarah Ann Slye
174 North Ridge Road
Stanford, KY 40484

I am needing 8" squares of any kind and any color.
I am making blankets to donate to various charities that are in need.

  Feb 2007
Sharon Davis
3840 Arthur St. 
MI 49404

I could always use all size granny squares.   I use them for the Devos children's hospital, and also I work with several other charities so if I had enough, I would use for the cancer patients as well. 

Suzanne Baisley
P. O. Box 8402
Roseville, MI  48066-8402
Metro Detroit Crafters
6", 8", 12" Squares - For homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, cancer patients, foster children, animal shelters and veterans.

Taliana Chiatti
24 Lamont Avenue
Apartment #3
Hamilton, nj 08619
squares 5" only please
colors: baby colors only please, no black.

I am donating the blankets made to NICUs, local nursing homes and
homeless shelters.   If you have not tried to make granny squares before, they really are pretty easy to tackle and can be made into wonderfully warm blankets for homeless shelters, nursing homes,  hospitals in general often love pretty afghans for their cancer patients or long term patients.  Babies and children need them too.  Please consider making a few squares and sending them to one or more of the people listed above.

Thank you for helping to keep BevsCountryCottage online!

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