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shell edge 
I made this baby afghan for my youngest daughter back in 1994, and I put a soft piece of flannel on the back to make it even warmer! *  It turned out so beautifully! 
(To adjust size, use multiples of 6 chains plus 1.)
The sweater is the '5 Hour/Weekend Sweater with hood

To make this for a preemie CLICK HERE

Size 40" x 36" 
Size I hook
You need about 24 oz soft worsted weight yarn, like Simply Soft, scraps work fine, looks really pretty in varigated yarn too.
Gauge: 5 rows = 4 inches

Chain 145 (To adjust size, use multiples of 6 chains plus 1.)
Row 1: Work 3 dc in the 4th ch from the hook. *Skip 2 ch. Sc in the next ch. Sk 2 ch, then work 5 dc in the next chain.* (This = shell.) Rep from (*) across row, end row with sk 2 ch and 1 sc in last ch. Ch 3, turn.
Row 2: 3 dc in lst sc. *1 sc in the center dc of the next shell, make 1 shell of 5 dc in next sc. *
Rep the sts between (*). End with 1 sc on top of turning ch. Ch 3, turn.
Repeat Row 2 till blanket measures desired length. Fasten off.

* Attaching the FLANNEL BACK and EDGE
Fingering yarn
size 5 steel crochet hook
Cut flannel about 1/2" large all around than your afghan.  Tuck the edge of the flannel under and iron to hold flat.  Place the flannel on the back of the afghan, you can pin together if you wish. Put hook through both layers-- (afghan and flannel that has the edge tucked under) sc around the blanket using fingering yarn. Join with a sl st, then chain 6 and sc in the 3rd sc from that chain. Ch 6 again, and sc in 3rd sc from that chain. Do this all the way around. I even did it on the corners and those worked fine although you could make 3 such chains closer together on the edges if you want.


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