Christmas at The Cottage - Bells
I always think of Christmas when I hear Church bells or now, even the bells on organs.  Love the sound of bells to celebrate the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
So, here are some stitched Bells you can make and give, to ring in the joy of this wonderful Season!

christmas stairs

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Angel-country threads
  archived copy

Angel Bell with ribbon (C)

Angel Bell
(C) from hubpages

Aunt Marie's Dainty Bells
(K)  scroll down a bit

Beautiful Lacy Bell

Christmas Bells (C) with WW yarn. Spanish (?) at top, scroll down for English

Christmas Bells
with Holly (C)

Christmas Bell Pin (K) @knittingonthenet
Christmas Bell Pin #2 (K) 

Crocheted Bells (C)

Little Christmas Bells (K)

White Lace Bell


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