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Barbara's Sewn Preemie Hat
inspired by Dress An Angel pattern

Cut a piece of material 9" - 10" square for preemies, (I think 10 1/2" square would be good for newborn size)

1. With right side facing and 1/4" in from each side edge, pin lace, piping,  etc.  This is the front edge of the bonnet.

2. Pin one piece of ribbon on each side of front about 1/2" or so from front  edge for ties.  Fold the rest of the ribbon and pin (on wrong side) at a slight angle away from the lace/piping/seam so it doesn't get caught.

3. Fold other raw edge over and pin together.

NOTE: I use 1/4" ribbon, but if you're using wider ribbon you'll need to leave the 1/2" from the back of each edge for the ribbon casing.

4. With 1/4" seam, start stitching about 3/8"-1/2" from the fold along right  side, across the front, and along the left side leaving about the last 2"  open to turn hat.  Make a diagonal cut across each front corner, turn right side out and press.

5. You'll now be topstitching around the hat and forming the casing in the back for the ribbon. Starting at the front of the hat, top stitch 1/4" from  edge on the right side of hat to 3/8"-1/2" from the fold, turn & stitch  across the fold 3/8"-1/2" in from fold, turn & topstitch 1/4" from edge on the left side side of hat (this will close up the opening you left to turn).

Put a piece of ribbon thru the 3/8" opening along the fold and tie in a bow.

I used baby rick rack trim on one of the angel gowns so I omitted the lace,  still put the ribbon in on each side & then stitched the rick rack on the front edge of the hat and topstitched around.

If you don't want to use trim, a zig zag stitch with a different color thread instead of the straight topstich would be pretty..or any decorative stitch your machine does.

The back can also be gathered and tacked at the back if you don't want to use ribbon.

This pattern is Barbara's design.  You are welcome to print this pattern for your own use.  Do not publish or post this pattern anywhere without my written permission.  If you find a mistake in this pattern or have a question, please email me at

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