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Baby Miscellaneous - slings, leggings, dresses etc

Amish Puzzle ball (C)

Baby Grab ball (C) at Pricillas 

Baby Grab ball 2 (S)

Baby Grab ball- for kicking! (S)

Baby Jumper (C) totally adorable!

Baby Sacque or Kimono (1946)  (C)

Baby Washcloths (C) archived copy

Bag of Balls (C) archived copy
Binky Holder  (C)  BEV'S

♥  BEV's Snuggly Dolly!  (C)  BEV'S

Knitted Positioning Snake (K) archived with waybackmachine
Musical Baby Bottle Cover (C)  BEV'S

Newborn T-Shirt in Crochet(C)   BEV'S

Newborn Sleeper(S)

Pacifier/Plug Holder  (C) archived with waybackmachine

Poncho - infant thru size 6  (C) 

Poncho set with Mary Jane Shoes  (C) Shopping Cart Cover  (S)

Shopping Cart Harness (S) archived

Sleep Sack (K)

Toni's Baby Angel Poncho(C)

Victorian Baby Cape  (C) archived with waybackmachine

Slings - wear your baby

Baby Sling with a Ring - (S)

Pleated Ring Sling (S)



Drawstring Baby Leggings(C) archived with waybackmachine

Monster pants/leggins  (k)

More Monster leggings (K)

Newborn Bell Bottom Knit Pants - (K)

DRESSES for baby girls

Baby Dress (C)

Baby Frock (C)

Baby Tunic Dress

Baby Christening Gown(K)

Cabled Yoke Christening Gown (K)

Cassie's Summer Dress and Hat  (C)   at BEVS
Cassie's Winter Dress -(C)  at BEVS

Easy Baby girl dress
(S) scroll all the way down the page.

Lavender Love Dress (C)

Ripple Gown (C)

Ruffled Baby Dress  - 3-6 month  (C) 

Summer Dress (C) archived

Sweater Dress for newborns (C)

A Sewed Baby Blanket


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