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"Thank you so much for the bootie pattern!  I hate to admit it, but I've tried for years to make booties, and it wasn't 
until I came upon your pattern that I was able to. I make them for the Cobb Pregnancy Center in Marietta, GA.
The ladies are each given a pair at the time of their ultra-sound to remind them that it is a real baby they are carrying.
My prayer is that they will help the women choose life for their dear babies. I have modified your pattern as

Trish's Booties

(modification of Bev's VERY Easy Booties) Trish Buchanan - Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved*

Please do not sell booties made from this pattern - they are for
Charity Crocheting only!
Size H hook
1 oz of Bernat Cotton Tots yarn. (I like the 100% cotton)

Starting Row
1. Slip knot, knot securely
2. Chain 21 + 2
3. Turn

First Row
4. Start at 3rd stitch from hook
5. Double crochet 21 across, chain stitch 1
6. Turn

Second Row
7. Start at 2nd stitch from hook
8. Double crochet 20 across
9. Turn

Third Row
10. Start at 2nd stitch from hook
11. Slip stitch 5
12. Chain stitch 2
13. Double crochet 10
14. Turn

Fourth Row - Ruffle
15. Chain stitch 3 - then single stitch, continue across remaining 9
16. Knot

17. Whip stitch bootie closed with a yarn needle and yarn. Start at heel and stitch to top of ruffle, carefully knotting at each end. Turn
bootie right-side-out.

18. Weave ribbon or single yarn lace through double crochet Row 3, pull laces even. Knot ends so they
won’t unravel in wash. Stitch securely in place with thread at back of bootie. Join with mate by tying both sets
of laces in a bow.

This is a family safe search!

* COPYRIGHT: All content is copyrighted to original creators. You may print out pages for yourself, or for charity IF credit is given on each page to Bev's Country Cottage. Publishing this content on other websites, in emails, mailing lists, in any print media, OR the selling of these patterns, or items made from them, is FORBIDDEN!   These patterns are for humanitarian or family/gifts ONLY!  Direct linking to a pattern or recipe is allowed.

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