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Tracy's Toddler Bib
Pattern Copyright 2002 Tracy Dusek - permission given to Bev Qualheim to publish

Car cleaning Towels or small towels.  A washcloth will work for baby bibs--see picture on right.
Scrap fabric for appliques, thread to sew, ribbing for colors, snaps or snap tape for closing neck.

1. applique a heart on the bib area of the towel

2. cut the hole for the head, extend it to the back edge of the towel,  so that it will go around the neck, rather than over the head.  On my toddler size, I use a large Ovaltine can (diam 5 1/4) this will actually still work, snuggly, on my skinny 8 year old.  You might use something closer to 5 3/4 for an older/bigger child.

3. add ribbing.  Since I know bibs get used and washed ALOT I use a double straight stitch (also called a stretch stitch), then I used the serger on the edges (otherwise you get alot of fuzzing when you wash).

4. Add closure device. I use snap tape on for the closure.  I used to do velcro, but it's a mess in the wash.

For preemie/baby bibs I use a wash cloth and add the ribbing for neck, at the point.  I use a large soup can to trace neck opening, for
newborn I would use a large washcloth and something closer to a small Ovaltine can or around 4 inches probably.

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