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Knitted Slippers for Everyone
submitted by: Bev Cholewa
A couple of friends have been trying this pattern out for me, and I guess the 'baby' size is about 7" long if you use WW yarn.
Materials: 1 - 4 ounce skein 4 Ply or thicker
Size 3 or 4 for babies (use baby yarn)
Size 5 or 6 for children
Size 8 or 10 for adults
Starting at the back of the heel = Cast on 53 STS.
ROW 1 = (right side) K8-P1-K35-P1-K8
ROW 2 = K21-P1-K9-P1-K21
REPEAT THIS FOR 3 1/2 inches (ending with ROW 2)
ROW 1 - BIND OFF 12 STS. Finish row like this:K 31-P1-K9
ROW 2 - BIND OFF 12 STS.  Finish row like this;K9-P1-K9-P1-K9
Work ribbed pattern on ROW 1 - across 10 STS. (K1-P1) Proceed to finish row like this: K9-P1-K1-P1-K1 to the end of row.
ROW 2 = P1-K1 across 10 sts.  Proceed to finish row like this K9-K1-P1-K1-P1 to the end of the row.
REPEAT ROW 1 and 2 until piece measures same size as sock size.
Break yarn leaving 14 inch strand. Use big-eye darning needle.
Draw yarn back through stitches.
Fasten yarn securely (forming a ring).
Continue to sew edges of ribbed section on wrong side.
Break yarn and fasten.

Starting at cuff, Sew seam...
Sew Heel.
Sew Boot Style for boys
Then (TURN DOWN CUFF) Sew Pom-poms on for girls.
Instructions for pompoms:
Wrap yarn around fingers loosely and count 40 wraps.  Remove yarn carefully. Tie securely in the middle ( tie 3 or 4 knots) leave yarn dangling.  Cut through loops each end shake gently.  Place pompom on slipper where you want--pull ties from under pompom with crochet hook through the slipper,turn inside out and tie yarn securely(3or4 good knots) now your ready to trim pompom to desired size with scissors carefully trim around,the pompom, if it
seems too big, trim again.
(HINT trimming it short has a nice effect...........HAVE FUN.)

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