Sandy's Easy Crocheted Baby Booties-revised
copyright 2002 Sandy Whitney
Used with permission granted to Bev's Country Cottage

Sandy's Easy Baby Bootie

Size:  Newborn Approx. 3"
Yarn:   Sport, DK, Fingering, Size 10 cotton doubled
Hook size:  G (Use larger hook and heavier yarn for bigger bootie)
Row 1:  Ch 12.
1 dc in 3rd. st from hook, dc in next 8 sts, 4 dc's in end stitch. Working on opposite side of chain stitches dc in nx. 8 sts, 2 dc's in end st.  Join and ch 2.

Row 2:  Hdc in same st.  2 hdc in nx st, hdc in nx. 4, dc in nx 4, dc 2 st. in nx. 4, hdc in nx 4, 2 hdc's in nx st.  Join and ch 2.
(new version/correction to row 2 --

Row 2:  Hdc in same st.  2 hdc in nx st, hdc in nx. 4, dc in nx 4, dc 2 st. in nx. 4,** dc in nx 4, **hdc in nx 4, 2 hdc\'s in nx st.  Join and ch 2.)

Row 3:  Hdc(you can do dc here for little taller bootie) in all stitches around going into the "free" loop. Join and ch 2.  Note**going into the free loop (not the back loop) on this round you get a defined sole when bootie is turned right side out.

Row 4:  Hdc in nx. 10 sts, do a dc decrease in nx 8 sts, hdc in nx. 10 sts.  Join and ch 2.

Row 5:  Hdc in nx 8 sts, hdc dec in the nx 8 sts, hdc in the nx. 8 sts.  Join and ch 2.

Row 6:  Beading row..*2 hdc in nx. st, 1 hdc in nx. st.*- continue * to * all around.  Join and ch 2.

Row 7: Cuff row..can be eliminated if desired.  Dc in each stitch this time going thru the front loop.  This makes the cuff lay flat over the bootie.  I finish off this last row with a ch 1and a row of single crochet just to make it look nicer.  If you don't want a cuff... just finish off around each stitch with a row of single crochet, or hdc or do a picot row here.  Turn inside those ends in and you're done!

Thread approx 16" of pretty ribbon or cord in and out of row 6 and tie in a bow.

Sometimes I change colors for the cuff, matching my ribbon color and take some matching DMC floss and crochet around the defined stitches of the sole.  These stitches are very easy to see and beg for some enhancement. (O:

One more note..I find if I do a "pair" at one time, I to get a matched pair.<g>

Crocheting this bootie is much easier than typing out how to do it....
if you see any mistakes feel free to contact me.

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