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Preemie Knit Sweater
Copyright    2000 A.B. - this pattern was not created by Bev so she is unable to answer questions about it. Sorry.
for3-5  pound babies

      Sports Yarn (not DK)
      Size 5 knitting needles

Cast on 46 stitches, garter stitch (knit every row) 27 rows (this leaves 13 ridges on the right side)

Divide stitches
12 on holder for front
22 for back
12 on holder for front

Add 8 stitches each end once
Add 7 stitches each end twice (total 66 stitches)
Work a total of 22 rows (11 ridges)
Bind off center 10 stitches for neck
Put remaining stitches on holder

Left side for girls / right side for boys
Add for sleeve 8 stitches once
Add 7 stitches twice (total 34 stitches)
Work for total 7 or 8 ridges

Bind off 3 stitches once
Bind off 2 stitches once
Bind off 1 stitch once
Work until same length as back
Put stitches on holder

Buttonhole front:
On front edge work buttonhole K2 together/Yarnover while adding for sleeves as on other front.
Work 2nd buttonhole on 10th row
Work as other front/neck to top

On 2 needles put stitches from shoulder/sleeve of left side
On wrong side K first stitch from BOTH needles together
Knit 2nd stitches together
Bind off first stitch over 2nd
Continue until all stitches are bound off
Work other side same way
Sew up under arms
Crochet 1 row around neck
Sew on 2 small buttons

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