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baby quilt

1 1/4 yd of soft 45" wide fabric (for quilt top) 
1 1/4 yd of soft 45" wide fabric  (for bottom of quilt) (Makes a quilt for a crib or a toddler-approx. 45" x 45")  
6 yds Silky binding (or simply tuck edges under and sew around) 
2 ounces soft baby yarn or sport yarn (to tie the quilt) 
Needle with large eye and sharp enough point to go through fabric layers 
Batting ~ enough for a 45" quilt  (Crib size) Place all 3 layers together ~ top + batting + bottom. 
Either stitch binding around, or tuck under and stitch around.  
Use needle and yarn to make "square knots" every 4" or so.


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