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Bev's Loomed Tube Booties for Newborns

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loomed tube sock for newborns
The bootie loom I used has 12 pegs 3/4" apart, the 12 peg flower loom will work (I glued my pegs in since they come removable)!
and about 1 oz of 4 ply yarn. (I used Simply Soft for the bootie in the photo)



You will be using 1 strand throughout and double stitch = wrap loom 3 times around and lift 1 strand over 2.

Starting:  Using 1 strand of yarn, e-wrap the loom, 3 times around,
Lift 1 wrap over 2 wraps all around the loom.
Do 18 rows or about 2"
Bring up the inside and loop it over the pegs to form a brim for the bootie.
Knit off the brim.

Continue wrapping and knitting till the full length bootie is 5.5" long from the top of the brim.
Remove bootie from loom with the gathering method, just like you would a hat.

Using a G hook make a 15" chain using a contrasting color and weave through the bootie right under the brim for a tie.

Make another tube bootie to match.

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