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Hope angel loomed pattern - Copyright 2009 Sandy Van Wormer

Materials: KK pink loom 26 peg, 2 colors of yarn (1mc,1cc) 4ply 3ply double strand 1-1inch plastic round ring, 1 yarn needle 2 crochet hooks (E for weaving, F for border) 1/8 inch ribbon, buttons or beads,sewing thread, and straight pins.

Pattern: worked in double knit (figure 8) stitch for five inches. Make 2. Use only 18 pegs 9 bottom, 9top. bind off.
MC used for body/wings. CC for border and head.

Wings: take on piece fold into a triangle, point down. Pin around the open edges, and sew with yarn closed. fasten off.

Border: CC a F hook begin at corner, of sewn wing. SC in same st. You attach yarn in. In next stitch, 3 DC, Sc in next stitch, 3DC in next stitch. continue in this pattern, until you reach other end. SC in last stitch, fasten off.

Body: With second piece you will form the neck, at bound off edge, take MC gather neck,for two inches. tie a knot with gathering ends, and leave 1 and 1/2 inch tail. do not weave in. pull through back of wing, attaching it. through a stitch in the back. By tying it off. weave in ends.

Body border: Use same border stitch on bottom and sides as you did for wing.
Assembly of angel: Even out body. Onto the wing, pin in place. With MC yarn, sew from right side the neck onto the left side, through all thicknesses. tie off in back.

Head: With CC yarn, Plastic ring, an E hook, SlSt. Around the ring, chain one, and Sc around the rest of the ring, until it is full. about 20 stitches. join with SLST to beg, SC. 

Round 2 of head: Chain 3 two DC in same stitch, *Sc in Next SC, 3 Dc in next stitch, repeat from * around. join with SLST, in top of beginning chain 3.

Finish off: Sew head just above neckline, through all thicknesses, from right to left, across bottom of head. make sure it is secure, and does not flop.

Neck adornment: make a bow with the ribbon, sew to the neck below head, then add a bead or a button, sew in place with thread.

Tag: With card stock, and hole puncher, punch a hole in upper left corner of tag, add to the tag, (hope angel ministry 2009) Also add your name, and a heartfelt saying. given to Chemo/cancer patients.  


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