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Fancy Diaper Cover - Loom Project
Copyright 2005 Tina Marie Edgar - All Rights Reserved

diapercover1    diapercovr2

For: Newborn (changed by Bev since people who have made these said they are small)
Use Worsted Weight Yarn
2 Strands count as 1
All wrapping is done in classic E-wrap Style 1 over 1 (except where noted)

Used: Red Knifty Knitter Loom.
    Note: Other looms may work, but pattern will need adjusted.

Cast On 8 Pegs (E-wrap)
Knit for 6 Rows back and forth to make a panel
Break yarn

Skip 8 Pegs from end of panel
Cast on 7 Pegs (E-wrap)
Knit for 6 rows back and forth to make a panel
    Note: Each panel should have 8 empty pegs between them.  Other looms may vary.
Break Yarn

Return to beginning panel. Cast on E-wrap in a complete circle, like when making a hat.
E-wrap around loom twice.  Some pegs will have 3 (6) loops on them.
Others will have the normal 2(4) loops.

Knit off 1 over 1 except for the 15 pegs that have 3 loops. On those knit off 2 over 1. Now all pegs should have 1 loop.
Continue to E-wrap and Knit over for 12 - 15 rows.

Remove from Loom.
Using contrasting yarn (will be removed later) thread through all pegs and remove diaper cover from loom.
Using crochet hook, single crochet through loops and chain one between.
Be sure to catch all loops as you crochet around. Continue around, finishing and weaving in yarn. Break yarn. The chain one creates space
for a drawstring. Remove contrasting yarn when finished.

Whip stitch crotch together.  Weave in all tail ends.

Using single yarn, single crochet around top of diaper cover. For an added touch continue around again, chaining 3 and skipping single crochet to create loops.(ch-3, sk 1, sc, repeat)  Using single yarn, single crochet around each leg hole, adding a finishing edge if desired.

For drawstring: Chain 100, weave into top of diaper cover and tie in bow.

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