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loomed ball
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Slight change to make ball tighter - May 2008

Knifty Knitter Newborn (Blue Loom) or ITA Newborn loom
1 oz of 2 colors of
worsted weight, 4 ply yarn

Using 2 strands of worsted weight, 4 ply yarn held together, e-wrap the loom 3 times around. Leave a 6" tail at the beginning.
Double Knit  (2 wraps lifted over 1 wrap)
around and around until a ball is formed.
Remove with the gathering off method. (Like you would for a hat top).
Gather it tightly.  Stuff with fiberfil.  Then thread the initial 6" yarn tail into a yarn needle, and weave it in and out of each stitch on your initial round.
Gather tightly and weave ends under several times. 

VOILA!!  You have a child's ball. These are really fun to make and I am certain there are many places who can use these toys.  Hospitals come to mind, nursing homes perhaps for physical therapy, homeless shelters, schools, and I know LDS Humanitarian will accept balls for children.

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