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Cozy Knit Dress and Mountain Hiking Socks
 (copyright Bev Qualheim 1999-2013 - for 11 1/2" Fashion Doll)
For anyone who loves to knit for Barbie, this free dress pattern is easy and can be made in so many wonderful colors using baby yarn or sport yarn!

1 oz Red Heart Baby Soft yarn
Size 5 US knitting needles (3 3/4 mm)
Crochet hook size g -for belt

Front and Back of dress are the same:
Cast on 21 sts and knit for 3 rows.
Change to stocking st (knit one row, purl one row) and work 44 rows, or until desired length.

Shape neck:
Next row:  - Knit 7, cast off next 7 sts, k to end of row.  Work 3 rows straight.  Cast off.
With wrong side facing, rejoin yarn to remaining 7 sts and work 3 rows straight.  Cast off.

Cast on 16 sts and work 15 rows in stocking st.  Cast off.
(make 2)

Putting Dress together:
Join shoulder seams.  Sew cast off edge of sleeves to the side edge, placing center at shoulder seam.  Sew down the side and sleeve seams.

Crochet with sc around until you have 23 sc sts.  Repeat this in the 2nd row around -sc in 23 sts.

With crochet hook, make a chain approx. 10" long.  This can be threaded through on each side of the dress to secure.

Hiking Socks

Knitting needles size 5
scraps of Lion Brand Woolease yarn

Cast on 9 sts
Knit one row, purl one row, continue in stocking st until you have 12 rows total.
Last row, k 2 together across, k 1.  (5 sts left)
Cut off yarn leaving a 9" tail for stitching up seam of sock.  Thread a sewing needle on yarn tail and weave through sts still on knitting needle.  Pull to gather, then sew up side seam.

To make Hiking socks for male doll, follow same procedure but cast on 11 sts and work 14 rows.

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