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A Walk With Christ

My daughter received the coolest program last year in Young Women's called 'A Walk  with Christ' -- it's very simple and I wanted to share it with you.  Each day you read different scriptures and do something to learn a spiritual thing.  You can print out this page and cut each day into it's own little page.  Add a pretty cover to the front and make a book.  Makes a lovely gift.

The only way we can really know another person is to: walk in his shoes..." think what he thinks... learn what he knows... say what would say... and do what he does. Christ said, 'Be ye therefore perfeect."  We can only accomplish this as we become more like Him.  Faithfully follow this fourteen day walk with Christ and you will understand Him better.

DAY 1:
QUESTION: How can I follow in His steps?
READ:  1 Peter 2:21, Abraham 1:2, Moroni 7:48
PONDER: How can I follow in Christ's steps today?

DAY 2:
QUESTION: Am I seeking Christ's help?
READ: Proverbs 3:5-6. 2 Coringthians 12:9-10, Jacob 4:7, Ether 12:27
PONDER: How can the Lord help me to overcome my weaknesses?

DAY 3:
QUESTION: Who is the Vine? Who are the branches?
READ: John Ch 15
PONDER: From whom do I get my strength? How can I bring forth much fruit?  Is social presure getting me down?

DAY 4:
QUESTION: Do I really understand repentance?
READ: D&C 58, Mosiah 4: 9-12, Mosiah 2:38
PONDER: Have I really sought forgiveness from the Lord and do I really believe that He will forgive me?

DAY 5:
QUESTION: Where in lies the power of Christ?
READ: D&C 19:15-24, Mosiah 3:5, 4:2-3, 5:7-9
PONDER:  How can I get rid of the guilt?  How can I put myself in a position to have the power of the atonement cover my sin?

DAY 6:
QUESTION:  How do I control physical passions?
READ: Matthew Ch 5
PONDER:  Can I set a righteous example for other which will help me control my passions better?

DAY 7:
QUESTION:  How can I improve my thoughts?
READ:  D&C 6:16,  Alma 37: 35-37, D&C 121: 45-46
PONDER:  I know that I must keep all idle, unclean and negative thoughts out of my mind.

DAY 8:
QUESTION:  How do I guard my speech?
READ: D&C 88:121, 3 Nephi 12:33-37,  Matthew 5:11
PONDER:  I will speak only kind, uplifting thoughts today.

DAY 9:
QUESTION:  How do I guard against pride?
READ: Proverbs 6:16-17, 8:13, Alma 5:28, D&C 38:39
PONDER: Am I being honest with others, with myself, with God?  Am I humble? Do I do the right things for the right reasons?

DAY 10:
QUESTION: How is the Lord my Light?
READ: Helaman 5:12. 1 Peter 2:21, D&C 84:43-47
PONDER:  For the past 10 days have I tried to make my decisions on the basis... "What would Jesus do if He were here?"  Is there room for improvement?

DAY 11:
QUESTION:  How does the Lord want ME to serve?
READ: D&C Chapter 4, Moroni 7:5-8
PONDER: Is it important to know the truth? Is the Lord really first in my life? What am I doing to build the Lord's Kingdom?  How do I really feel about the service I give to others?  Does serving others make me happy?

DAY 12:
QUESTION:  How can the Holy Ghost help me be more like Christ?
READ: 3 Nephi 27:20, D&C 11:12, D&C 46:11, D&C 8:2, Moroni 10:4, D&C 121:45-46, John 15:16-17, 26
PONDER: Is it important to know the truth?  Do I desire the Holy Ghost to be my constant companion?

DAY 13:
QUESTION: Do I love Christ?
READ:  John 13:34-35, John 14:15, 3 Nephi 13:20-21, 24
PONDER:  Do I keep all the commandments? Is Christ at the center of my life?

DAY 14:
QUESTION:  What is the pure love of Christ?
READ: Moroni 7:40-48
PONDER: Have I felt these past 14 days a greater love for my Savior? Have I felt His love?  Can I commit myself to live each day as He would?

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