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Dishcloth Panties
Unknown designer- old pattern  - I have some made in a shell stitch hanging in my kitchen - hence the photo. This pattern below does not use the shell stitch, but a basic DC so yours won't look exactly like the photo.

4oz kitchen cotton
Size H Hook  (5.00 m)
Several yards ribbon

Ch 28
Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook in and each chain across (27 DC)  Ch 3 and turn
Row 2: DC in each DC across- including in the very last DC.
Ch 3 and turn
Rows 3- 14:  Repeat row 2. At end of row 14 finish off.  Weave in all ends.
Use a contrasting color like white, and sc around the whole cloth.
Make a 2nd cloth.

Fold dishcloths in half - and thread ribbon through the 2nd to last row to form a cuff on the leg of the panties.  Pull ribbon to gather and tie in a bow
; repeat on 2nd cloth.  Place folded dishcloths together with open edge facing each other.  Run a ribbon through the 2nd row from the top around 1st cloth, then across to 2nd cloth, weaving in and out of sts to join the 2 cloths.  Tie a bow in the front of the 'panties'.
Use a little white cotton to tie the panties together again about 6 rows down front and back.

Now don't get excited,
And don't be misled
These aren't to wear
But for dishes instead.

So take off the bows
And pull out the stitches
And you'll have two dishcloths
Instead of the britches.

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