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Bev's Christmassy Preemie Hat
2 .5 lb preemie1 lb preemie
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2006, 2016 - All Rights Reserved

4 Size 8 (5mm)  double pointed needles, a yarn needle, and a small amount of soft Christmassy colored worsted weight yarn. Could be made with a single color eg RED, and then add a row of white, or a white pompom.

This hat fits several sizes of preemie and newborns... 1 lb - 2.5 lbs, (3 lbs)  (4-5)  (6-7) lbs

Cast on 36 (40) (44) (48) sts and split stitches 'evenly' on each of 3 needles.  The 4th needle is used to knit.

Rnds 1-20 (24, 26, 28) * Knit 2, Purl 2- repeat from  * across row

Decrease rows:
1: *Knit 2 together.  Repeat from * around  -  (18 sts) (20, 22, 24)
2: Knit each stitch
*Knit 2 together.  Repeat from * around. You'll have
9  (10, 11, 12) sts total left.  Cut tail of yarn 8" long.

Use a threaded yarn needle to carefully remove each stitch from the 3 needles, one by one slide stitch off knitting needle and onto the sewing needle.  Pull tightly to gather.  Run stitches inside the top of the hat a few time to anchor..

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