Butterflies And Flowers For Little Preemie Girls By: Barbie Lynn Miller
Copyright Barbie Lynn Miller 2006- All Rights Reserved

Note: Butterfly/flower graph came from 1000 great knitting motifs by: Luise Roberts

Materials: Red Heart Baby yarn In baby pink
Either sport or baby yarn in following colors:
Med. Blue, brown, red, yellow, peach, green, and light blue
3 stitch markers
row counter
stitch holder
darning needle
Butterlies and Flowers are made with duplicate stitch

HAT: With #4 needles and baby pink yarn, cast on 60 sts.
Work in k2, p2, ribbing for 5 rows or ”.
Row 1: knit across.
Row 2: purl across.
Repeat last 2 rows once more; you should have 4 rows of st st above ribbing.
Row 5: knit 15 sts.(mark this st), knit 14 sts (mark this st), knit 9 sts(mark this st), knit rest of sts in row.
Row 6:purl across row.
Row 7: knit across row.
 Repeat last 2 rows 6 times; (19 rows above ribbing).
Row 20:purl across row.
Begin Decreases For Top Of Hat As Follows:
Row 1: knit 4 sts, knit 2 tog,across row.
Row 2: purl across row.
Row 3: knit 2 sts, knit 2 tog, across row , ending with knit 2.
Row 4: purl across row.
Row 5: knit 2 tog across row
Row 6 : purl 2 tog across row ending purl 1.
Cut yarn leaving a length for sewing later, slip leftover sts to stitch holder.
Proceed with duplicate stitching as follows:
1: turn knitting so st st (knit) side faces you.
2:the first stitch marked indicates the first stitch to be done between dark blue lines on graph. It is also marked”begin here for hat” and has an arrow.You will begin 1st butterfly at arrow 1 stitch above marked stitch.
2: the flower in middle of graph is begun 1 stitch above middle marker.
3:the left hand butterfly is begun 1 stitch above last marker.
When duplicate stitching is completed,thread darning needle with length of yarn and draw up leftover sts from stitch holder, and sew up seam.Be carefull to hide all ends on back of hat.

With #4 needles and baby pink, cast on 36 sts,work in k2,p2, ribbing for 12 rows or 11/2”.
Next row: knit 10 sts, bind off center 16 sts, knit last 9 sts.
Row 2: purl all sts (20).
Row 3: knit 10 sts(mark this st),knit the last 10 sts.
Row 4: purl all sts.
Row 5: knit all sts.
Repeat last 2 rows 4 times,for a total of 13 rows.
Row 14: purl across row.
Next: work two rows of k2,p2,ribbing and bind off.
Next: begin duplicate stitching in stitch above marker at flower on chart at arrow. Hide all ends.Sew all seams. Make other bootie the same.
NOTE:: The butterfly and flower charts are from 1000 Great Knitting Motifs By Luise Roberts also the instruction for duplicate or swedish darning are from this book also.

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