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Preemie Teddybear Hat And Booties
{Designed By Barbie Lynn Miller - Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved}

Materials:  MC:Red Heart baby yarn(baby blue),sport weight yarn in black,dark brown, and med. Brown.
OR: black,tan,and med. Brown.

Size 4 (3.50mm) straight needles
Row counter
Darning needle
Stitch markers-3

Using red heart yarn in baby blue and #4 knitting needles, cast on 61 sts.Work in
Seed Stitch (k1,p1)ending each row k1. Work seed stitch for 8 rows or ”.
(Now switch to stockinette stitch; K1 row. P1 row.)
Next Row: knit 28 sts. Mark last st knitted as this is where the bear is begun as indicated by arrow on chart, knit rest of the way across row.
Purl 1 row.
Next Row: knit 27 sts,the next stitch is where you begin the bear chart.
Continue in st st reading knit rows from right to left, and purl rows from left to right.
After chart is completed, work 4 rows of st st with baby blue.

Decrease For Top Of Hat As Follows:
Row 1: k3, k2 tog. Across row, ending k1.
Row 2: purl across.
Row 3: k2, k2 tog.across row, ending k1.
Row 4: purl across.
Row 5: k1, k2tog. Across row,ending k1.
Row 6: purl 2 tog. Across row, ending purl 1.
Draw yarn through remaining sts and draw up and sew back seam.

Booties: Make two the same.
With baby blue and #4 needles, cast on 37 sts. Work in seed stitch for 12 rows.
Switching to st st, knit 11 sts, bind off 15 sts in center of row,knit remaining 10 sts.
Next Row: purl across remaining sts(22).
Next row: knit 9 sts., mark this st (9th) for beginning of bear chart,knit 2 more sts. Then make 1 in middle of row,knit rest of the way across row(23sts).
Next row: purl across row.
Next row: k8 sts,beginning bear graph at arrow in next stitch; continue with graph reading knit rows from right to left and purl rows from left to right.
Knit 1 row.
Work two rows of seed stitch.
Bind off, Sew all seams.

Note: Bear Graph came from 1000 great knitting motifs by: Luise Roberts

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