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10 minute Booties Directions -
print out to use with the 10-min Baby bootie pattern - a pdf file

10- min - booties

"I saw someone was needing the directions for the 10 min booties... I used felt for them and used a blanket stitch (I prefer by hand  since its real small..but sewing machine would work too I guess)

The marks on the sole part is the starting and stopping point for the Top/Tongue part and the Side part.

Don't sew the Top part to the Side part... that stays open...

Sew the side part along the backside of the sole and the Top part around the front of the sole meeting at the marks on the sole.

Attach ribbon at the marked place on the Bootie side from the inside for the ties.  These will be brought around the front and tied at the Top/Tongue.

Since that was probably as clear as mud....the only sewing is done around the sole attaching the side piece to the back meeting at the marks on the pattern and the top/tongue piece is sewn to the sole around the front meeting at the marks on the pattern. Then attach a ribbon on each side marked tie placement.  The only decorations I have done is a blanket stitch around the top of the bootie, it did however take me longer than 10 min...since I did them by hand." Connie

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