Bev's Patriotic Door Wreath
copyright Bev Qualheim 2003 - All rights reserved

I made this to honor our brave men and women who are overseas, serving their country right now and always.  May the Lord watch over them and guide them and protect them...

This wreath could easily be made in colors to represent any country - red and white for Canada with a Canadian Flag and perhaps silk maple leaves, and red, white and blue for Britain with the Union Jack in the center.

One 12"-15" wreath grapevine wreath from any craft store. (Our hardware store had this one on clearance for 10 cents!)
Small flag (49 cents)
Silk flowers in various patriotic colors.
I used 3 stems that cost less than $2 each.
Wire cutters to snip flowers
Floral wire for a hanger

I just cut the flower bunches into manageable little stems, and start placing them in the wreath as I see fit.  You don't need to glue them or anything - just insert them into the grapevine braids.  (This way you can use and reuse the wreath as the seasons change etc.) Do the same with the flag.
Add the wire hanger through the top of the wreath.
Hang on your door and you are done.

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