Mom's Baby Jacket
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The jacket in this photo was knitted with US size 6 needles and Lion Brand Baby Soft sportweight yarn. It used two 4-oz. balls (367 yards each). Buttonholes were added to the front of the jacket. Gauge in stockinette stitch: 19 sts = 4"; in garter stitch 20 sts = 4"; 35 rows = 4".

Baby hand knitted jacket knit all in one with round yoke and sleeves.
Material 4 ply and 4.00 mm needles  (US Size 6 needles)

Cast on 72 sts.
1st row knit 72sts
2nd row knit 72 sts
3rd row knit 60sts turn
4th row knit 60 sts
5th row knit 72 sts
6th row knit 72 sts
7th row knit 60 sts turn
8th row purl 60 sts
Repeat above 8 rows 6 times

Sleeve: -
1st row knit 72sts
2nd row knit 24 sts
Put remaining sts on a stitch holder.
Cast on 36 sts
1st row knit to within last 12 sts of neck turn
2nd row knit to the bottom
3rd row knit to the neck
4th row knit to the bottom
5th row knit to within last 12 sts turn
6th row purl to last 8sts knit last 8 sts
7th row knit to the top
8th row knit to the bottom

knit 8 more patterns on sleeve making 9 patterns in all; then cast off the 36sts casted on
Pick up those stitches on stitch holder.
Proceed with back as for front making 14 patterns  all together
Do second sleeve as first.
Make second front as first; crochet edging allow for cord round neck.

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