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Knitting Machine - Easy Fair Isle Slippers and Ear Warmers-
made on on a 9mm machine (bulky gauge).  If you have a BOND (8.5mm) you might try making them 10% wider and longer
Both patterns Copyright 2002 Arlene Hahn - All rights reserved!

Fair Isle Slippers
T 9
worsted wt. Yarn  (Make 2) Bulky Machine

E-wrap CO 20-0-20 for Women’s, 22-0-22 for Men’s
Knit 1 row, set Fair Isle patterning with short floats.
Continue to knit to RC 50 (Women’s) or 54 (Men’s) COR
End Fair Isle patterning and knit 1 row in st st.  COL
Transfer stitches to EON and knit 1 row – carriage ending on right. (RC 52,56)  Leave 18” tail and cut yarn.
Gathering BO using double-eyed needle.

Use yarn tail to pull up and gather toe.  Run yarn through toe stitches again to reinforce and then sew up front of slipper to a little past way.
Turn slipper inside out and whip stitch/sew heel seam, beginning at top of heel and gathering the bottom inch of the seam allowances to round bottom corner.
Turn slipper again and add yarn at center back of heel, chain 3 and do 2-3 rows of double crochet to create cuff.  Finish off end of yarn.

Quick and Easy Bulky Machine Earwarmers

Worsted wt. Yarn
T 9
MC = Main Color,  CC = Contrast color

CO 36-0-36 with WY and knit several rows, ending with COL (Carriage on Left)
Knit 1 row with ravel cord (COR) Set RC 000
Begin with MC and knit 1 row, COL
Program fair-isle pattern (floats not a problem) and set knob to KC
Knit 1 row, add CC and push in patterning button
Knit to RC 021
End Pattern and using only MC knit to RC 042.
Hang Hem with first row of MC/ravel cord
Knit 1 row, COL
BO around gate pegs with “crochet”/latchtool  BO leaving about 18” tail to sew seam.
Remove from machine and use “weaving” technique to sew ST ST ends together – tucking in any loose ends as you sew.  Backstitch and work in end.

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